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You are invited to explore many years of my work as an artist on this site. Relax and enjoy the art of photorealismn and abstract paintings. Have a look at my blog too!

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New: Get your favorite Trian painting as a high quality (limited) reproduction on canvas, art paper or as a mousepad or T-Shirt.
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We accept payments via Paypal or Direct Bank Transfer. Additional payment options could be discussed. Shipping and handling fees are not included and will be added.



This site is the exclusive online shop of Christopher Trian. The products being shown are original paintings as well as controlled reproductions. The original paintings will be shipped to he buyer after payment is in and the specific shipment details are discussed and agreed on. While shipment of the the smaller paintings is pretty much straight forward the shipping of the mid size and larger paintings needs further discussion between Trian and the customer. Please have a look at the shipping options for further details.

If a painting is already sold ("Out of Stock") you could choose to order one of the "Trian Edition" products instead. The reprints of this edition are high quality reprints (some even on aluminium, metal or glass). Select products are also available as a T-Shirt, Mug or mousepad.

While original paintings of Christopher Trian are available for purchase in this shop we are also proud to announce the "Trian Edition". All products in this very special and selected edition are high quality and limited reproductions of the original work. This way you are able to enjoy even the paintings which are already sold  - at an affordable rate.

Mix and match your favorite paintings to enjoy them in your living room, present in a company meeting room or show your love to friends/family as well as the artist by giving away a very special gift.

Each product of the"Trian Edition" will ship with a "Certificate of Origin", personally signed and numbered by the Artist. The number of reproductions is published on the respective product information page and we take special care in controlling the number of copies. There will never be a second reproduction run of the same painting. Hence, if the reproduction is sold out it will not be available anymore. This might be a good investment too.

Enjoy select Trian Art products and order a Mousepad, T-Shirt or Poster printed on high quality art paper.

The exclusive Trian Art merchandise products are always available being produced according to our high standards and are yet still affordable.

15% off select commission work Get your special photo painted on canvas. Chris will turn it into an exclusive piece of expressionist art.It will last for generations to come.


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Abercrombie madrid
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